“No, you’d never know you were up all night, you look greaaat!”

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You know the purple-black bags under your eyes are puffy and swollen, your head is throbbing and you’ll bite your mother in laws head off the moment she even hints that you should get your head down while little one is having his morning nap.  “Yes, I would – if yesterdays washing up wasn’t still on the side, I didn’t have eight loads of washing to do and actually, I’ve gone past the stage where I would still have the ability to switch off and sleep”.

At the age of nine months and the recent discovery that the bear was simply waking up because he was hungy, and more than our share of sleepless nights over the past few months, I’ll take advice on baby sleep – I’d pay for advice on baby sleep.

Parenting Power™ work with families to help them create strategies that work for them. The tools below offer a great starting point for fellow parents having bedtime struggles.  They’re based in Canada but offer their services to mums and dads by phone and email.

– Set up a bedtime routine as early as possible and establish it as an enjoyable, loveable time for all.  A good starting point is, “Bath, Brush, Books, Bed.”

A bedtime chart (words and/or pictures) works well for some children because they feel like they are more in control.  Develop it with them and then let them check off what they need to do.

– Whatever the routine, consistency is the key.  This is where, as parents, we have to be sure to allow plenty of time for clean up and the routine itself, in order to get the children into bed at a decent hour.

Staying in Bed – Our little ones can’t be blamed for wanting to see what they are missing when they are asleep, but we must begin to draw the line. We recommend adding the little things like a drink of water, a pre-bed trip to the toilet and the requisite number of teddy bears to the bedtime chart so that they cannot be used as excuses after the lights go out.

Email sleep@parentingpower.ca to receive FREE INFORMATION about the importance of sleep and the hours of sleep required by children as they develop.

Visit www.parentingpower.ca for more information.


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