A family picnic on a shoe string!

May 3, 2009 at 4:47 pm | Posted in Family Holidays, General Advice | Leave a comment
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Lidl picnic

Baby Genie were set the challenge of catering for a family picnic on a budget, and we think we did pretty damn well!

We chose Lidl to put our thriftyness to the test, and this is what we came away with.  Maybe not the healthiest of selections, but everyone is entitled to a day off!


Now, I’m pretty good at getting a bargain, but this time I’ve excelled myself I feel.

£12.57.  Yep, a whole £12 for a family picnic!!  So, you can cater on a budget.  The discount supermarkets are the way forward.  All the food chosen is fresh, good quality – the ham isn’t deli counter spec, and the crisps aren’t Walkers but it’s all good stuff.

Do the same for a BBQ, their meat selection is really good.

Have fun foodies.

p.s. The bears tuna pasta bake, Petits Filous and water is not included!




And….the food went down really well!  Especially the chocolate caramel and lemon cheesecake squares, I could have eaten a lot more of them!

Shame the weather wasn’t a bit better, but having children seems to make you a bit more immune to blustery weather. 

Oh, and Lidl scanned the lettuce twice, I can’t believe it!!  So it was under £12!!!!!



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