It’s the simple things

May 7, 2009 at 8:46 am | Posted in Baby Care & Health | 1 Comment
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Any parent will know that changing a dirty nappy is often a task for three hands.

Poo nicely contained in nappy.  A little bit on the change mat.  Oh well, it’s wipe clean.  The socks are in it, annoying but they’ll wash….and all of a sudden it’s up baby’s legs, up your arms, and somehow there’s a bit on the carpet too.

When you’re frantically trying to clear up this little episode, I’ve got to say, for me, when the baby wipes come out bunched up in threes it drives me mad.  I’m shaking one arm mentally trying to separate them while holding two jiving legs in the air with the other.

Thank you Simple; you have made my life just that little bit easier.  At last, I’ve found some baby wipes that come easily out of the packet one by one.  Bliss.


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  1. […] far, I really love Simple wipes, Sainsbury’s own, and Huggies new messy play wipes (they even get stains off […]

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