Bath time Beckham style

May 12, 2009 at 10:29 pm | Posted in Baby Care & Health, Something for Mum | 8 Comments
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Baby Bath

I couldn’t resist posting this amazing find.

If I happen across £199 any time soon I could quite happily splurge on it (no, the 1907 gold sovereign given to me by mother in law this weekend is for keeps, NOT for Ebaying).

It’s a miniature roll top bath, and it can actually be plumbed in!

But I’d want a mummy sized one too!  It’s just so cute, I would design my whole bathroom around it…I may even go as far as ripping out the normal bath to make way, and just make do with a shower.



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  1. hi, i love these baths. do you know where you buy them from? thanks nikki

    • Cuddledry used to but stopped and unfortunately I’ve not since found anywhere that does them!

      • my friend sales them 250 xx

      • Ooh do you have a link?!

  2. do you know where i could buy one from ?

    • I wish I did I get so many enquiries! If I ever manage to find out I’ll let you know as Cuddledry don’t do them anymore

      • If anyone knows where sells these please email me

      • They’re impossible to get hold of – I’ve emailed Cuddledry so many times – they should stock them again as they’re is a huge demand! X

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