Father’s Day: Get your own chocs!

May 15, 2009 at 4:29 pm | Posted in Father's Day Favourites | Leave a comment
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You’re tucking into a box of chocolates, luckily you’ve already eaten all of the best ones (strawberry cream for me), and husband plucks the box out of your lap and starts reading through the menu card.

Excuse me, but my mother/sister/friend/aunty bought them for me as a nice little pick me up.


Ok, so we should share, but sometimes we assume that we’ll get them all to ourselves.  Like at Easter, husband buys wife an egg.  Wife doesn’t buy husband an egg.  Husband eats wifes egg.  Ditto for advent calendars at Christmas.

So, this is why we have put chocolate gifts as number one for Father’s Day presents.  Simple, easy choice, especially if you’re choosing a gift for little one to give to dad as it’s also an inexpensive choice – not that childs carefully saved pocket money should be spent on such gift, that’s for sweets and comics.


Hotel Chocolat do some delicious treats including Liquid Chocolat – Macho.  the chocolate equivalent to an espresso; sounds wonderful.  This is a manly hot chocolate drink made with 100% cocoa.  A ha, revenge will be sweet (with some oomph), will be sharing this one!


Now, I usually like pepperoni and extra cheese on mine, but hey, we like things that are a little off the wall – if Dad is a fast food fan, pizza in particular, get one of these delivered from The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company!


Make mine a Crunchy Munchy….or Heavenly Honeycomb…can’t believe Mother’s Day has been and gone already, boo.


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