Shifting those last few pregnancy pounds

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spinning bikeNow, I am not adverse to exercise, in fact I quite enjoy it. I try to go to the gym when I can and did so until I was 34 weeks pregnant.  I was back at the gym when Molly was about 8 weeks old and ever since then I had contemplated attending a ‘spinning’ class. Well, it’s ONLY taken me 12 weeks to pluck up the courage and get on the strange looking bike. At first glance,  I was full of positive thought, ‘how hard can cycling be’ and after finding out the pedals actually go round by themselves with minimal effort I remember thinking ‘what was all the fuss about’. 5 minutes in…………..panting like a racehorse, legs burning and that was the WARM UP complete.

What followed after was possibly the second longest 20 minutes of my life (1st being an hour wait for an epidural after my induction). Towards the end I am sure I start to see stars and vaguely recall the ringing of the overly enthusiastic spin instructors commands in my ears ‘ Turn up the resistance…………..turn up the resistance we are going up hill’.  Oh jees. The joy at being commanded to go down hill was immense. Although I have to say, if I was going downhill that quickly on a real bike in the real world, I would have done 50 somersaults over the handle bars and beyond.

30 minutes is up……….I am sweating far too much, I can’t see, I cant breathe and I am sure I have got blisters/bruising in unmentionable places. So here I am making a public service announcement to all Baby Genie readers, if you see a bike similar to the one in the picture above, run………run away quickly and save yourselves. And if  i dont post on here for a while I cant get out of bed, my legs wont bend.

Vicki x



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  1. I felt the same way after getting sick then trying to get back to the gym. It wasn’t bad at first then the lungs kicked in.

  2. Hilarious! Hope you are recovering Vicki, have made a note to self, spinning is not pleasurable!

  3. well I am still going! My legs bend and still alive which is the important thing. still not going anywhere near those bikes. spinning is NOT pleasurable.

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