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Run a home business?  If you haven’t already discovered Enterprise Nation check out the website now.  We spoke with Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation and the brains behind Home Enterprise Day.


What is Enterprise Nation?

Enterprise Nation [] is a free resource for anyone starting and growing a business from home.

Who set it up and why?

I set it up! I started my first home business when I was 27 and sold it within 2 years. After the sale, I realised that even though I had started, grown and sold a business from home (and there were many more people turning spare rooms into home offices) there was no dedicated website or resource for us home business owners. I decided to create one.

What kind of information can I find on the website?

  1. You will find content across three areas; business, lifestyle and technology. We cover all the topics you need to know when starting and growing a business from home – from making a first sale, through to the music that will have you working at your best! The site is updated every day with homeworking news, features on gadgets/products, interviews with successful home business owners and tips/how-to guides. As well as written content, we also have an audio/video channel, packed with informative and entertaining podcasts.     

What is Home Enterprise Day?

We are very excited about this. Home Enterprise Day forms part of this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week and will be held on Friday 20th November. The aim of the day is to encourage more people to start up at home (full time or part time) and to inspire those running a business from home, to grow. It will be a day long celebration of a modern way of working. The highlight of the day will be the Enterprise Nation Conference and .. in the lead up to the day we have launched a race to follow every home business owner in the UK on Twitter. Please join us at  

What would be your biggest piece of advice for people working from home?

Start small. Grow at your own pace. Keep family and friends onside. Oh, and enjoy it! After all, you’re making a living from doing what you love, have the freedom of being your own boss and … enjoy a 30 second commute!  

How can Enterprise Nation help me to balance work and family life?

What will help you balance work and family life is running a business from home. And Enterprise Nation is your friendly resource that will guide you all the way from start to growth. On the site we talk about the work/life blur, as opposed to balance. When running a business from home, it’s not a case of ‘the kids _or_ work’ – why not combine both by having the children help you out with sales/marketing/web design/leaflet drops etc.

Plus, working from home means you work more productively (without traditional office distractions) and you can earn up to one whole day extra each week on account of cutting the daily commute. This extra time can be spent on doing the things you enjoy; whether that be extra time spent on the business or with the family or on exercise, learning a new language .. you get the picture!  

How can I get more involved with Enterprise Nation?

It’s easy! You can register with us (it’s free and takes only seconds) and join in the conversation in our forums. You can also help us in our race to follow every home business owner on Twitter by the time of Home Enterprise Day on Friday 20th November. Getting involved with Enterprise Nation will help your business and it will also mean you meet others just like you.  

What is your biggest piece of advice for a parent running their own business?

Involve the kids in the business as then you will have the satisfaction of being your own boss and know you are educating a next generation entrepreneur. Payback? Priceless.


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