If only I’d known sooner…

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Recently the bear has been a little bit of a, well a bear with a sore head.

He’s been teething for what seems like months, and although you can see his little white pegs lined up neatly through the gums, none of them seem to want to peek through.

You can tell the signs – grizzly, hot, pink cheeks, nappy rash.  We’ve got through about four tubes of teething gel so far and packed it in having figured it was making no difference.

How I wish we’d discovered these sooner.  Teetha teething crystals have some sort of magical powers.  After having them just once the bear started opening his mouth in anticipation on seeing the little white packet appear.

As it’s a homeopathic remedy you’re also safe in the knowledge that there are no nasties in there.

You can get Teetha at Boots and Holland & Barrett amongst others.  I swear, you’ll never look back, these are a handbag / change bag essential for any parent!

teetha granules

Mum Review – from Mandy, mum to Danni age 3 and Tom age 6 months.

Teetha is fantastic…and has been a life saver for us and our baby Tom.  Tom cut his first two bottom teeth at 5 months without any problems at all…so we thought he would cut teeth fine…..but the top two are now on there way and it’s a completely different story.  He has been in major discomfort and struggles to settle to sleep.  But since using Teetha things have calmed, not completely gone, but much much better.  I find Teetha very easy to carry around in the little sachets, easy to put into his mouth – it never sticks to the side of the packet, like some other powders. Also just a few minutes after Tom has the Teetha he seems very calm and content.  I use them about every 3-4 hrs and knowing that it is a homeopathic remedy it reassures me that it is safe for him.  My sister used to work for Bach Flower Remedies and the reviews they received were fantastic!!!  Thank you Teetha!!

Mum review – from Anna mum to Luke age 10 months

Teething has been a really difficult time for Luke. He got his first tooth at 10 months but has been teething since he was 5 months. He is always very grouchy when he is teething and loses his appetite as well as having all the other normal signs of teething. It has been a very trying time for me.  I have tried lots of remedies for teething and found a lot of things just dont work or only work for a very short time.  Nelson’s Teetha teething granules were one of the only things that I found worked consistently when Luke has been teething.  They have a very calming affect on him and he loves the taste of them. The only thing I found to be a problem is the administering of the granules.  If I pour them from the packet into his mouth they tend to go everywhere. I found that if I put them on a spoon and let Luke suck and lick them of more end up in his mouth than on my floor! Teetha is definitely worth investing in when your child is teething.


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