The Baby Show – review from Vicki & Molly

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I won tickets to The Baby Show on Baby Genie – here’s my review of our day out!

I had a great time at The Baby Show, and only wish I had arrived a little earlier as they were near enough throwing us out at 5pm!! Actually, I dont think my heavily pregnant friend would have lasted much longer.

I went to The Baby Show to pick up a baby bath seat, a baby swimming seat/arm bands and baby sleeping bags. Unfortunately I cam away with none of these things as Icouldnt see any, and the sleeping bags were more expensive than I thought. I know that my pregnant friend picked up some great bargains. She had her eye on a nursery set, and managed to get the whole lot for nearly fifty pounds cheaper than she planned. And she got a very cute swaddle blanket. Our fab find of the day was some D shaped clips called My Buggy Buddy that you put on your pram handle which allows you to load your bags on too. Wonderful!! Parking was easy enough, no long delays to get on or off the car park. We got the free shuttle bus to the NEC which was fine.

My Buggy Buddy Clip

I absolutely loved the baby feeding area, I knew Molly was hungry but was so distracted by everything going on the feeding area was an invaluable quiet place and saved a very noisy journey home. We had lunch in the cafe area and the prices were a lot more reasonable than expected.

I was particuarly impressed with the mumeducation stand, and we listened to a very interesting talk on baby massage, I even practised it when I got home, and little Molly has slept really well since. Success!!!

I would say the only slightly down points were, the ‘hard sell’ sales people. I can only compare it to a night on the strip at Ibiza with millions of people stopping you and asking you to walk this way! The energy stand was the worst I have to say, and I dont want to buy electric at a baby show, I want to buy baby things. And also, we had a marathon hunt for some chocolate (pregnant friend had an excuse I was just being greedy) and we couldnt find any…………not a sniff of chocolate. Chocolate muffins, cookies but no chocolate. We settled for an icecream instead.

Vicki x


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