Why to go organic when it comes to baby clothes

May 27, 2009 at 8:53 am | Posted in Baby Fashion | Leave a comment
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We all know the plus points of eating organic and would all love a local organic grocery shop that cost less than the supermarket, that would be great!  We know that if we eat organic, there are no nasties; no chemicals used to artificially stimulate growth and so on.  So eating organic is all good.

But what about organic clothing?  Sounds nice, tres fashionable and all but are there actual benefits?


We recently received a little vest and sleepsuit for the Bear and before investigating why organic should make a difference, I wanted organic clothes for me  – they are so soft!  I could have cuddled up and gone to sleep if I could have fit more than a toe into that vest!

The Perfect Start baby products from Little Willow, where the bears vest came from, are made with 100% natural colour cotton, which is really breathable and contains no dyes, toxins or harmful chemicals.

They are also recommended for babies with very sensitive skin and ezcema which is a huge plus point. 

You’ll be doing your bit for the environment too because the cotton is grown without the use of harmful chemical pesticides and toxic fertilisers.  And, because the cotton is produced without dyes, it means no industrial sewage or pollution.

So if you thought buying organic babywear was just for the label, now you know!

Check out www.littlewillow.co.uk for lots of gorgeous clothes, accessories and lovely nursery things.


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