Mum review: put your hands first

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Panel mum Natalie puts a hand cream and hand wash designed for hard working hands to the test!

Hands First – Invisible Gloves and Power Scrub and Moisturiser

Hands First range

The packaging claims that the product will ‘make your skin easier to clean and reduce moisture loss, leaving it hydrated and conditioned’.  I am the first to put my hand up and admit that I am a cynical mummy, and don’t believe what I see until I witness it for myself, but I have to say in this instance, it does exactly what it says on the tin!  I thought I’d really test it, so applied the Invisible Gloves as suggested all over my hands before manual tasks – figuring that gardening was pretty manual and would get my hands pretty dirty whilst planting all my summer flowers.  Two hours and lots of sun and dirt later, and my hands were beyond filthy, and I’m thinking the nail brush would be required as normal to get my hands looking a bit more like they should. Well, off I went to wash my hands –  water, Power Scrub and Moisturiser, and what do you know, no scrubbing, back to normal, and not a bit of dry skin.  Infact my hands felt as if they’d just had a manicure they were so soft. Can’t quite believe it, but definitely sold on this product, it’s very good!

The next person I shall get to try it out is my partner, who regularly has oily, dirty hands in his line of work and usually requires the use of swafega (an industrial strength, rough soap) which doesn’t have any moisturisers etc in it and isn’t particularly kind to the hands! If it works on him, then I am totally convinced this product is amazing! 🙂

And, we’ve tried it too at Baby Genie – it’s pretty flippin’ amazing.  I had been using Lansinoh, designed for cracked nipples during breast feeding (um, yes I have, sorry), because it was thicker and richer than any moisturiser, but the sticky, greasiness of it was far from ideal.

I can also confirm, that Hands First does infact work wonders.  The constant hand washing and cleaning of bottle is enough to leave your hands dry enough for the skin to start splitting.  These has repaired the dryest of creases inbetween my fingers.  Almost as good as having a professional treatment!


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