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With our impending move, and the continual cleaning through viewing season, I have peaked with my enjoyment of cleaning and being house proud.

I admit that I have somewhat OCD tendancies towards cleaning, hoovering in particular (I like to empty the bag and see how much dirt I’ve collected and then hoover again to see if I can get more).  It’s not good.  Not at all.

And especially when children come along.  You just don’t have the time.  There are more important things in life.  And, there is also the small fact that there is twice as much to do.  The washing machine is on every day (this has taken it’s toll; resulting in a substantial kitchen flood today), the dishwasher is constantly whirring away.  The hoover actually hates me for what I put it through and my carpet is actually looking a little thread bare from all the attention I’ve supposedly been lavishing on it.

Oh, and don’t get me started on ironing.  Post pregnancy hormones did something odd to me and I started enjoying irorning.  Luckily that passed but for a while, my goodness our clean clothes looked so good.

Stop.  There is help at hand.  Home cleaning experts Merry Maids give us a few helpful tips.  Move over Anthea Turner.

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‘It’s so easy to think that while your new baby sleeps you must start vacuuming, dusting, polishing, etc but what we are told is that we really should use this time to catch up on some much needed rest ourselves’ says Barbara Roberts of Merry Maids.  Sometimes this is not always possible, so Barbara has the following suggestions of how to get started.

 1. It’s all in the timing

With a new baby it is good to get into a routine, so when baby goes for a nap aim to use some of the time to tackle a chore or two. You won’t get everything done in one go so put aside a realistic time slot.

By committing to something that fits into your daily and weekly schedule you won’t end up making excuses. It is also important for you to rest when you get a break – so don’t spend the whole time cleaning – promise yourself a reward once you’ve finished the task such as half an hour with your favourite magazine or a nice relaxing bath.

2. Keep on track

The best way to get your cleaning done quickly and efficiently is to stay focussed.  Remember that you are cleaning and in order to get the job done make sure that you don’t get distracted and start sterilizing bottles and washing baby-gros.

3. Get kitted up

There’s nothing worse than not having your cleaning essentials at your fingertips so keep stocked up with the correct products and keep them together in a handy tray that you can carry from room to room.

4. Get your family involved

Why not get your family to help out and the cleaning will be done in half the time.  If you have older kids around you could suggest that they earn their pocket money by helping to clean!

5. A room at a time

Merry Maids say that one of the most common mistakes people make is randomly moving around the house. They advise that you clean methodically from room to room.  This will conserve your energy and make sure that nothing gets missed.

6. De-clutter

Before you start to clean take a few minutes to make sure that all your surfaces are clutter free.  Throw out old magazines, tidy away paperwork and hang clothes that may be languishing where they shouldn’t be!

7. Tidy as you go

Put dirty pots in the sink or dishwasher as you cook, put things that need to be taken upstairs at the foot of the stairs to remind you.  Never leave a room without something in your hand!

8. Top to bottom

Once a month choose a room to give a good clean from top to bottom, dusting away cobwebs and clean skirting boards.  This thorough clean will save on time in the long run.


9. Fresh pair of eyes

Look around your home as if it’s the first time you’ve seen it.  It’s easy to miss finger marks and scuffs on walls.  It’ll also help focus your cleaning.

10. Get the professionals in

If all else fails you can rely on Merry Maids to give your house an amazing clean throughout. Merry Maids can be relied upon to carry out a trusted and professional service and will offer anything from a one off clean to a regular weekly, bi weekly or monthly clean all to the same fabulous high standard.

There are over 100 Merry Maids nationwide. To find your local Merry Maids visit www.merrymaids.co.uk or call 0800 021 3072.

Take our poll – what housework help you would like most? 


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