The bear goes crazy at Huggies House of Mess!

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Huggies Reel

Last week Huggies hosted the House of Mess near Oxford Circus in London to celebrate the launch of their new wipes.

So, the boys had a day out and the bear took daddy along for some messy fun.

I wish I’d been there!  It looked amazing; painting, a seed planting area, cookie making, sand pit, every type of messy play a child could ever dream of!

Don’t be scared of mess….

We get through more than our fair share of wipes.  They are mums little helper and I know I couldn’t live with out them.  I’m just relieved we’re about to move to a house that has wooden floors; I will not be sad to see the back of our carpet – I am going to designate Friday as messy play day and we already have mum friends eager for the sessions to start!  I love anything creative – I have boxes of paints, pens, ribbons, paper…I was devastated never to make it into The Gallery with Tony Hart.

Anyway, where were we…

Letting your child express themselves through mess is good for their development. “Giving children the freedom to play messily helps them develop their imagination and social skills.  It boosts their confidence and helps them understand the world around them.  That’s a small price to pay for a bit of mess,” says child psychologist Janine Spencer.

Huggies Everyday Wipes

Keep an eye out for the new wipes; we put them to the Baby Genie test and they stand up to paint, avocado, snot (sorry) and the usual nappy change excitement.

Oh, and this morning I discovered that they are actually better at removing yesterday’s mascara than make up wipes are.  Not sure if it’s something to do with the cucumber – they should package these for mums too.

Have fun, get messy, then get clean!


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