Getting married with children in tow

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Getting married is an exciting, exhilarating, emotional and amazing time.  Planning a wedding is also time consuming, demanding and at times stressful!  Doing it all with small children poses even more challenges!

Tanya Brass of Tanya Brass Bespoke Weddings shares her tips for keeping it all under control (not UNDER CONTROL!!!)

Mummy and Daddy Bear get hitched

Getting married and organising your wedding is one of the most exciting times in your life. There are so many wonderful things to think about, what with trying to find a venue, decide on colour schemes, food, the perfect dress, should you have a band or a DJ?  This can be quite stressful at the best of times for couples but imagine trying to do all of this with baby in tow.  

After talking to 12 couples who have all done this and listening to their experiences, it is no wonder that some of them said they would never do it again. They absolutely loved their wedding but were so exhausted by the time it all came around they could barely remember the day. By far the hardest thing for all the couples was not the lack of inspiration and ideas for their wedding but actually finding the time to trawl the internet or magazines or make a telephone calls to the florist or caterer. Out of the 12 couples I spoke with, 6 of them realised that they just didn’t have the time and energy to organise the wedding they had dreamed of and actually decided to hire a wedding planner to varying degree to take away some of the stress. With the average time spent organising a wedding being between 250 and 300 hours you can understand why some of them chose to get some much needed help.

Some great time saving tips for organising your wedding:

  1. Wedding shows – here you will have access to many suppliers all in one place and there are many run throughout the year.
  2. Internet – the Internet is your best source for finding what you want without leaving the comfort of your sofa. There are lots of great wedding websites which can certainly point you in the right direction.
  3. Bridesmaids – the girls are here not just to walk you down the isle and make sure you stay looking gorgeous all day, they are here to help in anyway possible so just ask.
  4. Referrals – ask any friends who have just got married if they can recommend any suppliers to you.
  5. Venue – some venues are able to offer to do everything for you. They can help with the flowers, bands, table plans etc.
  6. Wedding Planner – for those girls who really just don’t have the time to organise their wedding this could be just the answer.

Hiring a wedding planner can be the best thing a bride does to solve these problems and certainly does not need to cost the earth. Some couples are worried that by doing this it is no longer their wedding but someone else’s ideas and visions. This is definitely not the case.

A good wedding planner is there to offer suggestions, alternatives and help keep the stress to a minimum, thus enabling the bride and groom to enjoy this moment in their lives to the fullest. There are many ways that a co-ordinator can help, they can find the venue for you based on your requirements or they can just be there on the day so that you can enjoy the run up to the wedding and the day itself. If you really don’t know where to start a wedding planner can help arrange the whole day as well as looking after the budget, replies to invitations and all the other little details which are sometimes forgotten about.

At Tanya Brass bespoke weddings, Tanya is there to help in any way that she can to make your dream wedding become a reality. Tanya knows that weddings are a very personal thing and it is extremely important that she gets to know the couple so she can get a good feeling for what they like and what their ideas are for the big day. With many years of experience under her belt organising events and weddings she has a vast list of contacts and ideas to help organise your dream wedding. Ultimately Tanya wants to create a day that will be remembered forever by the happy couple and all their guests.

Tanya Brass Bespoke Weddings


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