Hair today, gone tomorrow

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During my ever so wonderful experience at Covent Garden salon Karine Jackson, Candace who’s a senior stylist gave me some great advice on caring for your hair post pregnancy.  I was devastated to find that my hair had started to come out 9 months after the bear arrived.  I don’t know, you get fat, you have to lose the weight, you get a fraction of the sleep that you need, you walk around Waitrose with puke down one shoulder not realising until you get home, and then just as you start getting into the swing of being a mum, you’re hair starts dropping out and you wonder why.  Stressed, ME?!!

– We normally lose 200 hairs per day.  I know, no wonder the Hoover is on it’s last legs.

– When you’re pregnant you don’t lose any of those hairs, so after your little sprog has arrived, all of that glossy healthy additional pregnancy hair has to go.  Very unfair.

– Sometimes it doesn’t fall out right away, like me it can have a sneaky delay and then creep up on you just as you’re celebrating having a free reign over your pre baby sized wardrobe once more.  Lovely, just as you’re starting to feel like your old self.

– Get a trim!  Having your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks is so important!  It gets rid of those nasty dry split ends and promotes new growth.

– Use a deep conditioner.  As often as you can, smother your hair in a good deep conditioner and let it soak in before you hop into the shower.  I would say lounge in the bath but schedule+baby=shower more often than not.

– Now this is a tip from me based on personal experience.  Don’t go for a radical post baby make over.  Deciding that you no longer want to be fair and blonde and that you see your new role as a mother as a brunette with a fringe, straight as an arrow as opposed to your usual natural curl is a little risky.  If you fancy a change, take it one step at a time.  Remember that those hormones still have slightly crazy tendencies so you might not be thinking that clearly.  Was I?  No.  No, I wasn’t.

Many, many thanks to the lovely Candace Redden, Senior Stylist at Karine Jackson (the place of pure pampering) who helped me to get my locks back into shape.  020 7836 0300


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