Sometimes it’s best to go with your head not your heart

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Cranial Osteopathy Helping Mums and Babies!

 Marc Deora cranial on baby

Osteopathy is an approach to health care that emphasises supporting the body’s own healing processes. 

Using very gentle, light touch practitioners will examine the cranial rhythm in various areas of the body; this doesn’t hurt and feels very pleasant and relaxing.  The cranial rhythm is a cyclical expansion and contraction of all the tissues of the body, which occurs 8‑18 times per minute, it is distinct from all other known body rhythms (i.e. heartbeat and breathing rate) and can be felt in all parts of the body.

By assessing the function of the body and helping to restore it to good health osteopathy can be extremely beneficial in a wide variety of conditions in infants/children and adults, some of which are listed below.



Colic and other digestive problems Back, neck and head aches
Sleeplessness Digestive problems
Crying/upset/whinging babies Sinusitis
Learning difficulties Stress
Persistent coughs and colds Sleeping difficulties
Glue ear  

In the UK all qualified osteopaths have the initials DO or BSc(Ost) Hons or B.Ost after their names; a significant number of these osteopaths work using cranial osteopathy. Before you book an appointment you are advised to speak to the osteopath concerned to find out if they use these techniques or not. Likewise you should ask the price of the consultation first and see if they reduce fees for babies or children.

(Never go to someone who calls themselves a cranio-sacral therapist or practitioner who is not an osteopath. Only those practitioners who are registered with the general osteopathic council are allowed by law to call themselves osteopaths.)

Case history: sleeping difficulties


From seven weeks old, baby Esme started waking in the night and would cry uncontrollably for hours… the only thing that would settle her was to lie face down on her Mum Kay’s chest. This went on for nearly three months, and Kay found herself exhausted.

“Friends suggested cranial osteopathy and I thought I can’t even pronounce it, let alone know what it is! But I was thinking I will give anything a go!”

Esme was four months old when Kay brought her to see Chris. He found that although Kay had enjoyed a good pregnancy and fairly straightforward labour, Esme had a small area of retained compression on one side at the back of her head. This was probably due to excessive pressure in the late stages of pregnancy, and is quite a common finding. This had been enough to create a level of irritation for Esme, causing her to be unsettled.

After the first session Esme’s symptoms were slightly aggravated, but after the second and subsequent treatments, her symptoms improved and she started sleeping through the night. Esme had a total of four weekly treatments.

“Now she sleeps 7 til 7 and it’s a gift! Esme is a lot more settled and so much happier now.”

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