Messy play made easy

June 10, 2009 at 9:25 am | Posted in Baby Development | 1 Comment
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Baby wipes have a multitude of uses; apart from the obvious, they’re good for sticky fingers, grubby faces, high chair trays, spilt drinks (we have a lot of juice throwing going on in our house at the moment and sadly chose the dark red apple and cherry variety at the supermarket which has upset our cream sofa somewhat).

Last week I took the bear to paint a cereal bowl for Father’s Day at a great little place called Creative Corner in Abingdon, Oxford.  No surprises that we both came home covered in paint and I thought a quick bath may be the easiest option.  The supermarket own brand wipes available at Creative Corner just weren’t up to the job.

Cue the new Huggies wipes.  A spattering of blue, green, yellow and brown paint, gone in an instant.  The bowl looked far better than the selection of colours may imply by the way.

Everyday Wipes 2

Once we move to our new house and have the luxury of wooden floors as opposed to cream carpets, messy play will become  a far more regular event, and these wipes will definitely be close at hand for future moments when the bear decides to go for the war paint camo look.


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