Goody, we can have hair like Cheryl after all!

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We seem to have a little Cheryl shrine appearing on Baby Genie, but who wouldn’t want her gorgeous locks.

Kate Horton, beauty and style manager at Goody haircare helps us out with some tips to create those much desired celeb looks.

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Cheryl has incredibly healthy looking hair, which starts in the shower. Rough washing and dragging a brush through wet, tangled ends can split and even break, the hair follicle. So when washing your hair, gently stroke through any shampoo, and use slow kneading movements to massage and cleanse. When applying your conditioner, use a wide tooth comb to distribute the product evenly – making sure to gently comb from hair  tip to root.

Cheryl Cole’s curls are the envy of women across the county at the moment, and the good news is that they are incredible easy to re-create at home. Once out of the shower, remove excess moisture from your hair with a towel using a gentle patting technique. Using your hairdryer and the Goody Ouchless™ Quick Dry Brush(RRP £7.99), blast your hair until it’s around 80 percent dry. Starting underneath, loosely section off your hair into two to three inch pieces. Using your hairdryer and a round brush, begin to blow-dry your hair, directing the heat down your hair follicles. Whilst drying, allow your hair to wrap around the brush and then wind in towards the root area. As you begin to move the brush away from your head you’ll start to see large barrel curls beginning to form. Once you have removed the excess moisture, continue to blow-dry your hair using this technique, but using the cold setting on your hairdryer, which will set your hair in the desired style.

For a great range of styling must haves, and all the essentials needed to recreate Cheryl’s look visit, and the Start, Style and Finishrange is now also available from Boots stores nationwide.  Am off to practice just in case I hubby decided to whisk me off somewhere posh…oh the thought of it…Paris maybe?!


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