Summer is here, get outdoors!

June 24, 2009 at 6:20 pm | Posted in Baby Development, General Advice | Leave a comment
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So how are the vegetable gardens coming along?!!  If you haven’t managed to prepare the ground or sow the seeds yet, it’s probably because you and your (probably grass stained) little ones don’t have the right tools!  Spotty Boxes recently helped us with some great tips and advice on gardening for beginners, and with these great pint sized gardening gadgets, you’ll be ready to go (or sow).


The blue tool set is perfect for little diggers and is £14.99.  It includes and trowel and fork (staple items for any gardener), gloves, hedgehog markers and a blue bucket.  Everything you need to get grubby in the garden.

Butterly Garden

I want to do this one!  The butterfly garden costs £14.95 and allows you to see the entire life cycle of a butterfly; just like the hungry caterpillar!  Send off for 5 live caterpillars (£2+P&P) and the food they need to grow, and watch them turn into chrysalises and then into Painted Lady butterflies.  Am very excited about this.  Remember to let them go when they’re ready to fly, I still remember the trend for butterfly releases at weddings, not good, not good at all.


Find me any little girl in their right mind who wouldn’t want a pink wheelbarrow?!  We love this just because it’s so gorgeous and we can imagine a little girl bouncing along in wellies and a frilly skirt, following Dad around the garden picking up the grass cuttings.  Does anything sound more perfect?  Ok, so it may be a little rose tinted, and older brother may be hurtling around trying to tip cute frilly skirted girl out of wheelbarrow, but still, it’s great. for all these great gardening gizmos and much more.


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