Mum Review: Harness Buddy is the way forward

July 2, 2009 at 5:17 pm | Posted in Baby Development | Leave a comment
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Panel mum Nathalie and daughter Chloe put the very cool Harness Buddy from Bits n Bobs to the test!


I got a call from Baby Genie, asking me if Chloe and I wanted to check out a fab new take on the classic children’s harness, a ‘2 in 1 harness buddy’. As Chloe has finally let go, found confidence and is walking around at a pace that is bordering on speedy gonzalez at times, I figured it would be a great opportunity to find out if harnesses were any good!

So, the product…. the 2 in 1 harness buddy is a harness and a backpack. It comes in a range of different characters; monkey, chimp, cow, frog, giraffe, lion and puppy.

Harness Buddy Chloe

It has a harness which attaches round the child in a normal way, with childproof clip at the front, the monkey is the main body of the harness and it converts into a mini backpack for all the little treasures that a child loves to take with them – in Chloe’s case, leaves/ pebbles/ bits of Cornflake our fluffy cat’s fur and of course her beloved dolly Daisy.

Well, they just about managed to fit in this mini backpack. Then the parent bit, the ‘tether tail’ or lead part of the harness, which looks like part of the monkey, and can be detached if your child doesn’t want to take off the backpack and there’s no need to have your child on the harness any more.

Cow Harness BuddyIt’s a quirky novel present for any child, and acts really well as a harness, giving you absolute confidence that your child is safe and close. Chloe loved the backpack as much as if it was part of her cherished collection of teddy bears, and will be very sad to see it go. I’d recommend it to other parents, and also as a fun present for any child that has just learnt to walk and still needs a bit of a confidence boost! 🙂


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