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A post for my fellow clean freaks.

As some of our regulars may know, the family have just moved, and we’re temporarily camping out with my parents while we knock down walls, decorate and carpet.

Oh how excited my mother was that I would be bringing my love of cleaning with me.  Oh how excited I was at the prospect of my mother’s cooking.

The reality is that we are devouring her amazing dinners, and enjoying good wine – as well as good company – my parents are pretty cool people; but my promise of regular hoovering (including the all important pre and post bag check for dirt quantities), as well as bathroom scrubbing, laundry and all other Anthea Turner like goodness has been a bit of a slow starter.

Where does the time go?  As soon as you don’t HAVE to do something, it disappears off the mum radar.  So, mum, if you are reading, I pledge to make more time for domestic chores.

I started well this week when I added two new products to my cleaning trolley.  There is more to life yes, and don’t worry I do balance my unhealthy passion for cleaning with proper fun – The Apprentice, the cinema, good food, trips to the park and a few other things.

Anyway, back to the important stuff – Method cleaning products.  I now have their wood wipes which have transformed the 1940’s kitchen table into a bright and beeming centre piece.  It was always a lovely table but it’s been transformed!

Method Wood Wipes

I also have the stainless steel wipes.  My parents all singing all dancing range cooker looks new.  You can see your face in the hood.  Ok, so maybe only I notice this factor when walking past it, but today, my life is complete.

Method Steel WipesCOMING SOON! Method Baby & Kid products.  If I can get the bear as clean as the cooker I’ll be impressed! (Note to self, do not confuse baby with kitchen products…there was once an unfortunate incident when I absent mindedly wiped the bear’s face with a Cif wipe).

Method Baby Squeaky Green


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