Remember when you bought me a handbag because of all those sleepless nights…

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When the bear was tiny, we had a week of big eye bags and severe mood swings.  Out of nowhere our calm, happy baby who usually slept 12-13 hours straight, decided a half hourly alarm system was in order.

Typically it coincided with my husband working late shifts or nights so I was faced with the challenge alone.  Many new parents have experienced that sinking feeling when going to bed (to0 late because The Apprentice and of course The Apprentice You’re Fired was on) – and wondering whether you’ll get more than 3o minutes shut eye before the first siren sounds.

So, towards the end of this event, a slightly straggly version of myself was a little tearful and my husband said those magic words.  “Why don’t I buy you a treat for being such a brilliant mum?”.  Within a matter of minutes a very nice green handbag was in my possession.  When an offer like that comes along, you don’t hang about.

So, to the point of this post.  I have now established a list on my internet favourites, ready, just in case such an opportunity should ever present itself again.

Today I have added Allumer to the top of my list.  Allumer is a collection of truly stunning jewellery created by Natasha Leith-Smith.  I have my eye on a number of little gems…

Flicker of Light

Check out the stockists page for more information.  It’s not too early to start writing that list for Santa ladies.


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