Little swimming hero at Puddle Ducks

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Puddle Ducks

Regan Pendlebury age 5 didn’t think for a moment when his little brother toppled into pond at a relative’s house, he grabbed Alfie (18 months) and using all his weight pulled him from the water.   Mum Jo was only yards away and had looked away for only a minute when the accident happened.

“Without Regan’s quick thinking the happy ending we got may have been very different, I dashed over to grab Alfie as soon as I heard Regan shout, but although I wasn’t far away it seemed to take forever to get to him and by the time I had reached them, Regan had already pulled Alfie to safety”

Jo Pendlebury believes that the lessons at Puddle Ducks played a key role in Regan’s heroic act.

“Regan’s confidence in and around water has increased dramatically since we have been coming to Puddle Ducks, the skills he has acquired from the lessons have not only been useful to him but to others too, especialy his little brother.”

Puddle Ducks, the fast growing baby swimming school believe that its never to early to learn about safety in the water and incorporate life saving skills into their lessons. Tracy Townend, co-founder of Puddle Ducks comments “We are extremely proud of Regan, he did everything we could have expected of him, he shouted to raise the alarm to his mother and then dragged his brother out before she could get to them.  This shows how valuable our poolside practices are and that they really can save lives” 

Once a term the children take part in a water based Pyjama Party.  The children come to classes in their pyjamas.  The lesson is split between poolside, where they talk about water safety, and in the water  where they conduct simple rescues with woggles, learn lifesaving backstroke and practice diving for objects.  Tracy continues “we make this lesson a lot of fun but incorporate ‘real life situations’ so the children can feel the difference with being in the water in clothing and without googles.”

To find out more about Puddle Ducks classes in your area, visit


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