Hair today, gone tomorrow…

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I have moaned a little about this already, I’m sorry, but my hair is STILL falling out.

How mean, you think you’ve escaped the post pregnancy hair loss, and two weeks shy of a year after the bear arrived and my hair starts falling out in clumps.

Ok, maybe not clumps, but I am losing far more than the 200 hairs a day that you’re supposed to retain when with bump, and then lose again after the birth.

My hairdresser suggested I start taking a supplement, which is almost as bad as a doctor telling you to lose weight.  Again a slight exaggeration but I want naturally healthy, glossy locks, the same as any girl wants nails that shape and maintain themselves, calves that are naturally toned and shoulders that complement any strapless dress.

I gave in and, oh how I am glad I did.  I almost spring out of bed to take one of this little champs.  Why?  Because I’ve only been taking them for about four or five days and already I have Tresemme advert like hair.  No joke!

Collagen Multivitamin

Now, I like to find these little gems that actually work as much as the next person.  And, I am equally as sceptical as the next new mother bombarded with miracle working cures that claim they’ll have you looking like Jennifer Lopez does when mothering her twins (yes, she does have nannies though, plural).  So it is tempting to start popping enough pills to make you rattle when you walk, but I’m pretty glad I gave this one a try.

Bio-Synergy Collagen & Multivitamins promote healthy skin, hair and nails, contain anti-oxidants, and contain100% of the recommended daily allowance of many key vitamins.  Don’t be put off by the word collagen; these have no botox lip inducing qualities.

They’re not Superdrug cheap at £32.99 but these are more than worth the investment.  Give them a go and we’ll have a shampoo ad look a like comp. or the QVC website!


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