Beware the grubby highchair

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According to the Hygiene Council and Dettol, the average highchair is far germier than the toilet door handle.  Gross.  Gross.  Gross.

I was quietly excited about sharing this new research, being a lover of domestic chores and all.  I shared my planned blog post over dinner with the family this evening and was met with defensive ‘yes buts’.  Apparently there are lots of types of germs; and those lurking around the bathroom are far nastier than those breeding on the smeared in banana inhabiting the nooks and crannies of the high chair tray.

I promptly stromped off to build my new cardboard rocket for the bears birthday party on Saturday (that’s another story), leaving the room to ‘do you want to feed the baby off the toilet seat instead then’ type comments.  I know, for an absolute fact that Anthea would not encourage dining a la bathroom, and that she would have some deliciously scented concoction of lemon, baking powder and lavender to detox and freshen any hard working highchair.

Back to the research (we love a good set of stats), here’s the low down on where those household germs are lurking.

1.        Toilet door handle                       75% spotless/ 25% contaminated
2.        Telephone                                       65% spotless/ 35% contaminated
3.        Chopping board                            45% spotless/ 55% contaminated
4.        Remote control                            35% spotless/ 65% contaminated
5.        Toilet flush, handle or chain   30% spotless/ 70% contaminated
6.        Highchair                                        25% spotless/ 75% contaminated
7.        Kitchen tap                                    10% spotless/ 90% contaminated
8.        Kitchen sponge or cloth           0% spotless/ 100% contaminated

If you’ve swapped your jay cloth for a new one already like me and spritzed the kitchen tap with some anti bac, you can join the Anthea Turner Appreciation Society (ATAS) that I’m going to set up (when I get a spare moment).  Apparently it’s the responsibility of the grubby sponge for spreading germs around the highchair when we attempt to wipe it clean.

While we’re talking hygeine, someone recommended Perfect Hands which puts an invisible bacteria killing layer on your hands for up to 24 hours.  If anyone knows where I can get some let me know (Anthea would know but she’s on holiday).



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  1. Hallo. I found out where you can buy Perfect Hands online if you’re interested . I too worry about germs all the time! The kitchen sponge stat is super scary.

  2. This is the address : I didn’t mean to make that whole sentence a link!

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