A musical genius in the making….surely?!

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Recently we went from this….

Musical Bear

To this…

Drumming Noah

I do hold myself soley responsible for the fact that our one year old has not only a drum set, but a xylophone, tambourine, recorder, castanets (I know) and various shakers, as well as numerous sing along CDs (in a multitude of languages.

But, when you are completely tone deaf, reminded of it at every opportunity by your husband (I like to sing to the radio, alot), you do have concerns for your growing child that this could be something that’s hereditary.

Encouraging music involvement is a fun way to strengthen a child’s educational, physical and emotional development*.  Music is also a fantastic opportunity to encourage self expression and creativity, and in the long term, giving a child a chance to understand what it is to be good at something, as well as self discipline and organisation are really important qualities and skills**.

A drum set at one though?!  Come over; I’ll put the kettle on and even lay on some ginger crunch creams, and watch how his face lights up.  Introducing musical instruments at a young age can develop all sorts of educational and emotional learning; and accompanied by some music, a bit of dancing, hand clapping all the stuff you swore you’d never look like a loser doing when you became a parent; and you’ve got a recipe for one very happy baby.

Now, a drum set at a 1st birthday party in the middle of a room full of 15 children, mostly under the age of three….good job there was lots of nice Merlot on hand!  If not, this is still a must have toy for any little boy!

Birthday Drumming

We got our drum set from Kids Toy World a new eco-toy website with a huge variety of toys including lots of wooden and educational toys.  They have a great selection of other musical toys including an electric guitar which has to be next on our list (to match the mini red sofa husband has his eye on for the bear.  Our house is starting to resemble something out of the film Big).




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