You’re never too young for wild Alaskan salmon

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I decided today that my supermarket shopping experience just isn’t doing anything for me.  Whether it’s an online shop or a trip to the supermarket; surely there’s got to be more to it?!

So I took a leaf out of my mother’s book and upgraded myself to Waitrose.  And I’m certainly glad I did.  I arrived in a downpour and was promptly assisted by the nice lady at customer services who dried off the trolley seat for the bear (and did much loved cooing and aahing over my one year old son).

We browsed the aisles with other shoppers also picking out treats and delights.  Even the Waitrose Essentials range looks fresh and yummy.  And when I say shoppers, I exchanged smiles and small talk with three or four others in each row.  Nothing like the madness of 6pm shopping in bigger stores.

So for tea this evening, I enjoyed wild Alaskan salmon with a sweet yellow chili sauce with ginger, accompanied by rice and peas.  Tomorrow for lunch, as a result, the bear will be enjoying said salmon with peas, mash and spinach with a hint of seasoning.

Knowing that he’s a fish lover I’m pretty convinced that this is going to be a hit.

The recent Taste of Birmingham event crowned award-winning Chef Aktar Islam, of Lasan restaurant, the winner of the ‘Growing Gourmet Taste-Buds challenge’, which was set up to introduce young taste buds to gourmet food and new flavours.

Taste_09_ 351 (2)

Aktar said: “I’m really pleased I won and hopefully it will inspire parents to experiment more with different flavours and aromas as youngsters seem to like it.

I’m all for that.  It’s great when babies get to the age when they can pretty much eat what you eat.  Go easy on the salt and sugar and you can start eating as a family.

So, my shopping experience today was a pleasure, and my quest to feed the bear good food continues.  Next, warm vermicelli pudding scented with cinnamon and green cardamom. Sprinkled with crushed pistachio and rusk croutons* Best get my pinny on.

And before I sign off – taking your own bags to Waitrose – definite brownie points, I felt green and proud.

* For details of all of the recipes that made the Taste of Birmingham line up email us or contact  Oh and just having visited the website, Waitrose are a sponsor.  Man they are good.


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