Upgrading my shopping experience

August 21, 2009 at 10:03 am | Posted in Something for Mum | 1 Comment
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I mentioned recently on Baby Genie and Twitter that having moved house, getting more space and improving our quality of life generally, I’ve upgraded my shopping experience by converting to Waitrose.

Husband was concerned that our food bills would rocket, but actually I haven’t noticed a big difference.  Their meat and fish is a bit pricier, but with husband working in London he picks this up fresh from the local market which is great…although one draw of our freezer now seems to be dedicated solely to chicken so having to come up with lots of new poultry orientated recipes.

However, back to Waitrose.  I serenely browse the aisles picking up lots of good yummy stuff, I get to the checkout and chat with the shopping assistant.  And of course, I pack my purchases into my eco friendly bags.  The one thing about a luxury shopping experience – you have to take your own bags to truly fit in (well I felt so anyway).

I got my hands on some from ZPM and feel very green when I whip them out at the check out.  My next upgrade will have to be the Trolley Dolly, my life will be complete I’m sure!

jelly dots half open 3 bagz


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  1. We don’t have a Waitrose here but was there when in England it looks good. x

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