Nair give us advice on getting lovely looking legs

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As I mentioned in another post, having nice legs to get out and bare in all their naked glory in the summer is a real chore.  Shaving brings its irritations, good fake tans are few and far between (check out Vicki’s review of Spa Paradisa; this sounds like one of the goodies).

So, we asked the lovely celebrity beautician Gina Akers who Nair have on hand for these types of dilemmas, and asked three questions to get our legs looking their loveliest.

Nair Exfoliating Cream 200ml

  1. What is the best way to keep legs fuzz free for longer? 

For the longest-lasting results use a wax.  As hair grows in 4-6 week cycles – so you should let all the hairs grow out before waxing to ensure the most effective results and optimum hair-free skin. The Nair Soothing Wax Kit(rrp £5.99 for 32 strips) for waxing without the “ouch” is ideal.  This ground-breaking product is suitable for legs, body and bikini line.    

2. How can you help to avoid ingrown hairs? 

A build up of dead skin cells can cause in-growing hairs by blocking the opening of the hair follicle, so ensure you exfoliate at least once per week, ideally one-two days before removing hair. For a product that takes care of all of your skin care jobs in one go Nair Exfoliating Hair Removal Cream 200ml (RRP £5.99 Boots & Superdrug) works in 3 ways to give you radiant, smooth skin. The 3-in-1 formula is used just like a normal hair removal cream and is suitable for use on legs and body. No need to scrub or rub, the special formula will exfoliate at the same time as effectively removing hair and moisturising your skin.  Results last up to 7 days.    

3. What is your one must do-daily tip for keeping legs looking their best?

Professional body massage is great for improving skin firmness and the general appearance of the skin so fantastic for getting the best from your legs.  It is an affordable treatment too and you can even massage particularly troublesome areas yourself.  Massage using toning products designed to help encourage firmer skin, do this before bed, in the morning or when you get out of the bath or shower.  Massage as often as you can but no more than once per day.  

So get massaging.  I think I’ll opt for having it done professionally; off to seek our massage parlours with young, handsome male masseurs!

Ultimately all of all legs are different and respond well to different types of care; for some waxing works wonders, for others a removal cream is great.  Find the solution that suits you and your lifestyle so that you can be proud to show off your pins this summer (ok this August/September, seeing as summer seems to be a little elusive).


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  1. I have used Nair in the past and it was a great experience to use it.

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