The three-bed room makeover

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We celebrated husband’s 30th with friends last weekend – a week early because we’re at some very close friends wedding this weekend and husband is on best man duty.  As a result I added flags to the cake saying ’29 for one more week’ and ‘nearly 30’.  Unfortunately the two and nine candles I dug out were actually a two and a six, so the six underwent a little cosmetic surgery and voila it became a nine!

Anyway, we had a fab evening and some good friends stayed over with their two little girls age two and seven months.  The spare room underwent a little rearranging to accommodate the Smiths and Smithettes, and we lined up double bed, single bed and travel cot.

We got our hands on a great product called Dream Tubes ready for when we go on holiday later in the summer, so it had a little test run this weekend.  It’s a brilliant concept, very simple, and it works.

It’s a single sheet with long pockets running down the length of each side.  Into these pockets you slide inflatable tubes which act as bed guards.

Dream Tubes

For anyone making the move from cot to ‘big bed’ these are definitely worth a go. At £40 they’re an investment but will more than likely be in use for a good year to 18 months.  And, a small price to pay to avoid the 3am rescue mission when little one rolls out of bed.

Drean Tubes was kindly sent to us by Dusky Moon.  We stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only promote products that we truly, truly love.


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