We have a green baby!

September 2, 2009 at 9:10 am | Posted in Toys & Books | 1 Comment
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All parents like to think that their children are bright, advanced, ahead of the anticipated milestones.  The simplest ‘coo’ or little gesture has us Googling academies for the gifted.

The bear is 13 months old now and is into everything.  Everything.  He has recently developed a fascination for plants, trees, shrubs – foliage in general really.  I’m not sure if this means he’ll want to be a gardener?!  Anyway, this obsession seems to extend to wood in general.  Wooden toys are definitely in favour in our house at the moment.

Wood seems to be pretty trendy anyway and a number of his birthday gifts were of the wooden variety.  So, we asked our friends at Kidstoyworld for a round up of their best ‘plastic is so last year’ type toys.


3 in 1 Pyramid – £16.99


Back to School Blackboard Set – £15.99


Crocodile Race Track & Cars – £13.99


Africa Throwing Stand – £10.99

back to school

Cat & Frog Pen Holders & Accessories – £8.99

All of the toys are made from re-forested woods, so you can sleep easy that you are being environmentally friendly!

So, with my re-usable shopping bags and wooden toys, I think we’re racking up the green points!

Thanks to Kidstoyworld for the round up of wooden toys!


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