Blue for boy!

September 4, 2009 at 10:59 am | Posted in Pregnancy | 2 Comments
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I can barely contain myself to wait a few days for a parcel to arrive from Amazon or Ebay how the heck am I supposed to wait the whole 9 months to figure out out what sex this little bundle of thumps in my belly is?

Turning to other mothers I had many different opinions on finding out about the sex of your baby. Some reckon it’s better to wait until the birth…

“Not knowing the sex of your baby gets you through the pain of labour”

And others would say…

“You have to know what it is so you can choose a name early”

Here’s what I think, I think I’m not up for spending the rest of my pregnancy waiting, isn’t it bad enough to have to wait full stop?  Or to put it lightly I’m just impatient!

I knew it deep down but I suppose I never wanted to admit it because I was thinking of pink dresses all the time and I had already thought of a girl’s name, but luck would have it that I am having a boy!

At my 20 week scan we sat intensely as the sonographer announced what he described jokingly as a third femur! Yes his little winkle. We looked at each other “we are having a boy!”.

Such a strange feeling, the feeling that I am closer to becoming a mother than I ever imagined. Now its all really ‘real’.

I think the most amazing thing was my first shopping trip at Mamas and Papas last weekend. No more creams, beiges or yellows, I was now browsing in the blue for boy section and for the first time I felt on top of the world parading the shop with my bump beaming!

Although the shopping trip burnt a slight hole in my maternity jeans I waddled home proud to become a mother to a little boy who one day will grow into a handsome young man who will look after his mummy just as I looked after him – or so one should hope!

Now for the dreaded part…what to call him?

How did it feel when you first found out what you were having? Or did you keep it a secret?

Lisa x



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