Daddy or Dangermouse, Daddy or Dangermouse…

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OK, I admit that I struggled to know which are the ‘cool’ superheroes these days and Dangermouse is more an icon of my generation, but the bear is only one and hasn’t really started on the square eyed path to cartoon heaven just yet.

Apparently though, today there is one super hero to top all others.  Ranking above the likes of Ben 10, Spiderman and even Ronaldo (good bloody job, the world may just have gone mad), it’s good old Dad.

Daddy is Hero

According to research commissioned by The Children’s Mutual, Dads topped the poll for both boys and girls age five and six.

Now, the bear is a bit of a daddy’s boy which melts husbands heart, but take him to see Grandad and he’s full of the biggest smiles, warmest cuddles and funniest mannerisms.  Personally I think it’s the beard that does it, but he sure has a big soft spot for him.  It’s just lovely.

And it seems we’re not alone, because Grandma and Grandad both feature in the top 10 for both boys and girls, along with other favourites including Dr Who, Hannah Montana and Dora the Explorer.

So, in the eyes of a child, an afternoon with Dora, Ronaldo and Dad would be pretty damn awesome.  I reckon Dora would kick Ronaldo’s annoying little behind.

BOYS             GIRLS  
Daddy                Daddy  
Ben 10               Mummy  
Spiderman       Gabriella (High School Musical)
Power Ranger Hannah Montana 
Mummy            Dora the Explorer / Diego      
Doctor Who     Princess / Disney Princess     
Ronaldo            Cinderella     
Superman        Stephanie (Lazytown)   
Granddad         Barbie 
Batman             Grandma


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