Stay at home dads on the rise

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We’ve got a bit of a dad theme going on this week, and we’re enjoying bigging up the men in our lives.

According to a new report from the Tesco Baby & Toddler Club called the Expectant Parent Index, stay at home dads are on the rise, with numbers increasing by a huge 80% over the past year.


It seems us mums are increasingly returning to work, and it’s Dad that doing the dirty nappies, pureed sweet potato and bedtime stories.

Parents are increasingly sharing the role of bringing up their children, and the days of Dad being the bread winner and mum being the bread maker are well and truly over.  Today, over 70% of parents share the role of looking after the little ones.

And I have to agree with this statistic as I type from my bed, having an early night because husband has made a mammoth batch of meals for the bear which will last a good week or so.  And it’s not just the actual support that this brings which is appreciated, it’s the emotional support of knowing that husband wants to be actively involved and understands the work involved with bringing up children.  Working together as a team, sharing the load (my god I’m getting a bit deep), boils down to a happier life.

We asked some mums for their favourite bits about Dad…

Anna our panel mum…

My husband is a fab Dad to Luke.  Luke loves his Daddy very much and follows him round everywhere.  Paul is great at playing with Luke and he knows exactly how to make him laugh. Paul has made up so many silly games and rhymes that Luke loves.  He is also great at getting up with Luke in the night when he wakes up crying especially when he is ill.  I know I couldnt do parenthood without him he is one in a million.

Vicki our panel mum…

The best thing about Molly’s dad is his amazing ability to make her laugh when she is crying. And his ability to stay calm proved by a recent incident when I thought Molly was choking………he simply said it’s ok, she is fine. Whilst I was in serious panic, screeching and arms flying. 
He does absolutely anything and everything for Molly. Feeding, bathing, nappies, nightime waking and chasing her round when she has picked up something she shouldnt have. He knows if I need an extra half an hour in bed and brings her downstairs to play or takes her out for a walk with the dog.

From Caroll a Confetti mum

He will do anything I do for Noah.
He comes hone from work and gets straight in to finishing off feeds or playing.
He gets the biggest giggles out of Noah and doesn’t care about looking silly with him when we are out.
I know Noah is happy and just as well looked after when he’s got him on his own as when I’m in charge. I went back to work for last week of term and Noah spent the week with daddy. I hardly worried at all. If that doesn’t say it all then I don’t know what does!

From Nat our panel mum…

Jon is a great dad, he calms Chloe when she needs it, cuddles are on tap all the time, he tidies the whole house for me whether I’m tired or just because it needs doing, and spoils me and compliments me too! He disciplines where necessary, not leaving it just to me, and he always has time for play time, even when he’s just come in from a 12 hr shift!! He’s the best daddy and hubby anyone could wish for! 🙂

And from me…

When the bear arrived I was in a little bit of a state of shock – a tiny little crumpled baby had arrived a month early and the first 24 hours consisted of a lot of tears, and panic that when we got home I might not be a mum.  At the time Daddy Bear secretly worried that this could be the start of post natal depression but focussed 100% on me and the bear and made sure that we all arrived home safe, happy and well (well, apart from not really being able to sit down comfortably).

Since that moment onwards, and to this day when the bear is now 13 months, the dad of our house has been amazing.  Up in the night and early in the morning – my favourite moments being the time he spends playing with us on returning home at 7am from a night shift.  If I had to do a night shift and the commute an hour and a half home by train, grumpy would be an understatement believe me.  He simply has all the time in the world.

Don’t get me wrong, there are moments of stress like in all families – up every half an hour some nights see ‘I’ll go to him’ said through gritted teeth – but, he’s amazing because we’re always a team.

To read the full report visit the Tesco website.


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