I knew there was a better way

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Before I had the bear I got really into running.  Really into it.  Accompanied by my trusty iPod I’d sprint around town, sometimes running up to eight miles, sometimes singing outloud on the homeward stretch, brushing my hand against the hedges as if touching hands with fans at the finish line….

My imagination is a little overactive, I admit.  But whatever gets you in  shape hey.

By the time I reached my wedding day I was my goal weight, toned and athletic looking.  I also didn’t have a baby or my own business.  How things change.

The people at LJM Sports just sent me a pair of Chung Shi trainers to try out – thank you people, I just knew there must be a way to cheating my way back in to shape.

Chung Shi

So, post baby I just cannot seem to squeeze regular exercise into my schedule.  I get a workout – house work, gardening, running around with the bear and so on.  So these little rockers could just be the answer.

I’ve started wearing them today, so I thought I’d do a before and after picture of my apple-bottom, and even thought I’d share it with you, so after 30 days you can see what the results are like.  Husband unkindly took the photo for me.  I dug out my most flattering pair of undies for the occasion too.  On seeing the photograph I nearly fell off my new Chung Shi’s.  I knew I’d put on a pound or two on holiday, but where did that muffin top and those dimples come from?!

I’m sorry but at this stage I’m just too devastated to share it!!

In 30 days time I’ll share my progress with you and hopefully, I’ll be more toned and more like my pre baby self, and won’t care about sharing an image of the ‘old me’ with you.

The Chung Shi shoes take a little getting used to with the big reflexology ridge in the middle, but apparently I walk a bit like a duck anyway, so who cares if I wobble a little from time to time.

Now, where is my iPod…

The Chung Shi trainers were kindly sent to us by LJM Sports.  We stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only promote products that we truly, truly love.


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