The final countdown

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From Lisa our pregnant panel mum…

I’ve just returned from my first and potentially last trip abroad as a childless Lisa. The week went by so fast it feels like I havent been away at all!  I boarded my flight armed with a note from my midwife to state I was 24 weeks just in case Ryanair kicked up a fuss about the bump I carried – good job they didn’t have to weigh me because I definitely would have been charged extra.

So as I enter my third trimester (that is the last three months of waiting and the joys of experiencing swollen feet, back ache and heartburn) I cant help but think to myself where has 2009 gone?

Memories of analysing that little white stick with my other half way back in April seem to have disappeared and now all I can think about is how is this little monster is going to come out? or more importantly….when?  I havent dreamt about the actual birth yet although everyone else has and I find this odd because I think about it all the time.


What I have started to do is to listen to my Natal Hypnotherapy cds and I am now on the one which guides you through the actual birth.  Apparently it hypnotises you to completely let go and allow your body to do the work naturally, something that most of us have forgotten to do.  I hope its working because I always seem to fall asleep half way through.

The cd set comes in four parts taking you through the stages of pregnancy and easing you into the actual birth. The last cd is music which you can play during labour and to your unborn to teach him to relax with you.

A booklet which comes with the cds explains that within us we all have the natural ability to procreate and thus give birth however through the centuries our perception of birth has changed.

In modern society,  ‘labour’ is more closely associated with pain and hard work – hence the word ‘labour’.  The very idea of giving birth is plagued with images of hospital beds, drugs and excruciating pain.  But the reason we experience pain is because we dont remember to relax.  If you are scared your body creates adrenalin which causes the muscles in your body to tense, the more tense you are the harder the labour, the harder the labour, the longer it takes for your muscles to relax and let go allowing your cervix to dilate and give birth. When you think about it its logical.

I’m of the opinion that giving birth to your baby is and can be a truly magnificent experience for everyone and I agree that deep within us, once all fear is brushed aside, our bodies know how to deal with this situation naturally.  My friend ( a mother of 4) once said to me ‘you just need to let go and let your body do the work’.

As a born worrier I have made a conscious decision to try and ‘brainwash’ myself to think positively, understand what changes my body is going through during the birth (so no nasty surprises) and try very hard to remain calm and RELAXED.

That’s the magic word used in hypnotherapy 1,2,3…RELAX and the hypnotherapy course teaches you to remember to breath deeply and do just that.  Relaxing is the key to it all.

Three months after I post this blog I may return to read this and find that all my relaxation plans went out of the window but at least I cant say I didn’t try.


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