Yes it’s really nifty isn’t it!

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I’m not ashamed to admit that I feel very proud and useful-mum-like when I share a brilliant gadget with someone, or show off the uber-practical qualities of a new gizmo in public. 

There’s just something about it that makes you feel that you are a good mum, know where to find the coolest baby kit, and can occasionally make parenting look effortless.

I had one of these moments at a wedding recently.  It was husband’s best friend from childhood, so he was of course in best man role, so I was left holding the baby for the day.  Not too much of a chore with lots of family on hand I have to admit, oh and a nanny to babysit come bedtime – what a brilliant idea?!

However, I still admit that I was super proud of myself just for getting there on time (we had three minutes to spare following a mad dash back home having forgotten husbands carefully prepared photo wall of fame of the groom – how could we not go back?).  So we arrived before the bride, phew.

On seeing half a dozen other parents with children of about the same age as the bear already seated and having been there comfortably for some time maybe the arrival time was not so much of an achievement.  But – dress and heels intact, one cocktail enjoyed, one successful nappy change, no pee on the dress and a smiling baby throughout the photos, and I felt pretty damn pleased.

The bride had asked me to bring two pocket highchairs that I have due to a shortage at the venue.  So when we went through to be seated I whipped out my secret weapon and scoured the room.  Bingo; a very flustered looking couple jiggling baby on one knee wondering how on earth they were going to enjoy their meal with baby in lap.

The highchair we have is the Tomy 3 in 1 booster seat and change bag and I know I sometimes say this flippantly but it’s changed my life!  That may be a little over the top, but it really is brilliant, we take it everywhere.  Stuff it with nappies and wipes, then unzip it, clasp it around the back of a seat and you have a booster seat, brilliant.  It even has a change mat inside!  We took it to Spain knowing that not all restaurants would have highchairs and it was great.

So I revelled in the usefulness of such gadgets with said couple and returned to my table complete with small grin.  If I’d had a star in my pocket I would have given it to myself.  I almost felt there might be a credit in the speeches for such organisational skills (but that’s a whole different story – my strange ‘surely I’ll be mentioned somewhere’ wedding speech issue).


Oh, and I also felt extremely proud that the waiter offered the bear his own meal to himself.  Though, I wasn’t so cocky when the waitress came to clear up and discovered the small pile of vegetables on the floor under his seat…

The 3-in-1 change bag was kindly sent to us by Tomy.  We stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only promote products that we truly, truly love.


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