The bug hug

October 13, 2009 at 11:35 am | Posted in General Advice | Leave a comment
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Husband and I endured our third sickness bug of 2009 this weekend, courtesy of the bear no doubt – another little surprise returning home from nursery, sneakily and silently getting into our nice clean air at home.

There are a number of big issues with bugs in our house:

1) Husband comes down with it 24 hours before I do – a mild strain, he must have a good immune system, but feels unwell enough to need ‘juuuiiiiceeee’ bringing regularly, and general ‘oh you poor brave person’ remarks at regular intervals.  This can be wearing in itself.


2) I come down with bug shortly afterwards – the full blown bed ridden strain.  Husband promptly throws a small but not unnoticed wobbly because ‘you always have to get sick when I do, why can’t I just be sick and be poorly and get the sympathy, you always have to get more sick and then I have to look after you too’.  My initial reaction being none too pleased but to be fair he does have a point – every time a bug comes home he ends up playing nurse despite the ‘I’ll survive these unbearable stomach cramps’ jibes.

3) Children will inevitably develop a new and testing trait during a bout of illness.  This weekend saw the refusal to be contained – within highchair in particular so feeding time became double trouble.  It seems that now the bear can walk, being pinned down in one place for a given amount of time just isn’t on the agenda anymore.  The pinnacle of this new highchair hatred saw the bear hanging out of the side of said chair, a look of despair on his face while he slowly and deviously dribbled porridge on to the floor.  Joy.

4) The bug hug.  Now when you’re feeling exhausted having been up all night being poorly, looking after a 14 month is hard going.  Just picking them up is worthy of a ‘I can’t go on’ type remark here and there.  So you’re also completely paranoid every time they come in for a cuddle because it could get worse – if they get the virus they seem to have kindly donated to you and so far escaped, then your life for the next 24 hours is going to be a shocker.  So, you hold your breath, lean in not wanting to reject their affection, and cross everything that you’re not initiating the bug hug.

And don’t say ‘roll on summer’ either.  When you’re in your first year at nursery, the lurgies come thick and fast regardless of season.

By the way, what ever happened to Swine Flu, did we get away with that one after all?


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