The start of an unhealthy obsession….

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So I am so in to Waitrose at the moment I am seriously considering starting my very own ‘I love Waitrose’ fan club (not really….but maybe).  I just can’t get over how they have revolutionised my food shopping experience!


Yummy fish from ‘probably the best supermaket in the world’!

Having posted about my new favourite supermarket numerous times in the past I know you might be thinking I am being paid with free groceries or something but I pinky swear that I’m not!

My mum has been a Waitrose shopper for as long as I can remember and has been consistently trying to convert me for ages, and ages, and ages.

So, I did a shop with them a while back, but then strayed back to my old ways.  How did they know?!  Shortly afterwards the postie delivered me a nice little surprise amongst the bills and debt collection letters for the previous owners of our new adobe – a collection of money off online shopping vouchers – the perfect justification to husband that our shopping bill needn’t go up – he is convinced that you need to be an a list celeb to afford to shop in Waitrose.

Anyway, I logged on completed my shop, comparing prices along the way to our ‘old’ supermarket and was pleased as punch at what I had achieved (correcting the 4 kilos of courgettes to 4 courgettes just in the nick of time).

However on checking out I realised that two of my vouchers had already expired (tut postal strikes), so I emailed Waitrose reminded by my mother’s voice in my head saying how good their customer service is, and low and behold I get a response within half an hour apologising, advising me that £5 had been deducted from my bill and here were two more voucher codes for my next two shops!  Is that just not completely unheard of?!

So, Waitrose I love you.  And p.s, I love Waitrose shoppers too, they are quiet, courteous and alway coo a little over the bear and give you that warm, proud mummy feeling that we all love so much.

By the way I am not there now, I do have a home….they close at 9pm anyway…


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