When are they old enough to help in a crisis?!!

October 23, 2009 at 6:01 pm | Posted in General Advice | Leave a comment
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So this morning we encountered a mini crisis, involving much shrieking and hysteria on my part.

As per most mornings, I threw my favourite hoodie on to go and get the bear from his cot and proceed with the twister-like game of getting him dressed before breakfast.

During the process of trying to get one leg down each trouser hole, rather than both in one which causes amusement to the bear each and every time, I felt something tickle my arm.

Absent mindedly I put my hand to the tickly spot and felt what I can only describe as a ginormous lump under my sleeve.

Lesson to self, do not be lazy and leave clothes on the floor for big, ugly hairy spiders to come and sleep in.

I jumped a mile, and not able to remove my hand from the eight legged bulge under my jumper, I hopped around a little before turning to my 14 month old for support.


“Pull mummy’s sleeve bear, pull mummy’s sleeve!”.  Needless to say this was hysterically funny.  He sat and watched me squirm, laughing and clapping with delight.

After some more of my best persuading tones I was met with no efforts of support, just continuing fits of giggles, so I managed to wrestle myself out of the hoodie with my free hand, at the same time making sure the spider couldn’t free itself and run off into my armpit…cringe!!!

So, my question for today, at what age are children able to help out in such circumstances?!  I need to know how long I should expect to fend for myself for!!!


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