Best foot forward and four pounds lighter…

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So, a little over 30 days ago, I introduced my new pair of Chung Shi trainers, the new addition to my daily lifestyle set to revolutionise my exercise regime (or lack of), and provide the long-awaited answer to getting a Cheryl Cole like toned physique, with no 5am gym bunny approach required.

Chung Shi

So, I am very pleasantly surprised to reveal my findings…being quite skeptical about ‘wonder shoes’ and the like, I really did wonder what to expect.  I didn’t quite achieve the 20 minutes each and every day which is recommended, but I wore them regularly, and sometimes for a good few hours at a time.

They do take some getting used to, and bending over to pick up 10p in the Mothercare carpark could have been an expensive mistake – the shape of the sole rocks you from heel to toe and I nearly rocked my way to having two front teeth repaired.

However, after just a few days I felt comfortable to go out and about.  The bonus is, they make you taller too, and being the 5ft 1 mum that I am, every little helps.

So, after my 30(ish) day trial, I’ve lost 4lbs!!!  I’ve been eating healthily, but not really any more so than usual (I seem to recall a Chinese takeaway and a larger than large pub lunch sometime in the last few weeks), so that was a nice surprise.  And, for the first time in many, many years, my bottom is definitely smaller!!!

Also a huge plus point which never crossed my mind when I started wearing my trainers, was that it could help my wonky hips.  I don’t notice it day to day, but if you look closely, one trouser leg will always hang longer than the other.  We also have our little quirks, ok!!

I took before and after photos which I’m still too shy to share, but the improvement in the balance of my hips is amazing!  I wonder if that’s made me naturally taller…off to get tape measure.

So, these are well worth asking Santa for ladies.  Don’t fret about the style statement (although I do wish they came in slightly more feminine colour ways), and don’t worry about getting used to walking in them (my supposed best friend told me I walk like a frog anyway so not to worry, pah).

Visit LJM Sports for stockists.  Prices from around £130.

The Chung Shi trainers were kindly sent to us by LJM Sports.  We stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only promote products that we truly, truly love.


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