Maxi Cosi Axiss Car Seat Review

October 25, 2009 at 8:05 pm | Posted in Baby Care & Health, Baby Development, Days Out, General Advice, Reviews | 2 Comments
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A review by panel mum Vicki……………


So after a few weeks of Molly looking far to big for her old car seat, I decided to set out on a search for a new one. Partly sad that she had outgrown her seat we had for her since birth, and partly excited that it was now compulsory for me to go shopping for a new gadget. It didnt take me too long to settle on the Maxi Cosi Axiss, once I was informed that the seat swivels round so no more stretching and heaving not so little Molly out of the car I was sold. (much to the relief of my neighbours, who I am sure after 10 months, have seen enough of my pants to last them a lifetime).

The new car seat has now been in use for about a week and I am so so pleased. Just to give you a but of info about the seat, it is suitable from 9kg to 20kg (approx 9 months to 4 years), the seat has 8 reclining positions, has a colour coded locking system for safety and has a fully washable cover. Molly loves her new forward facing seat, as she is very much like her Mum who loves to people watch and generally be nosy. I was worried she wouldn’t fall asleep because she has so much to look at but the reclinable positions mean she has been able to sleep easily.

I may advise to get someone else to fit it, I didnt have a clue. It is so solid that it is not a seat that you could easily transfer from car to car. Its not the cheapest car seat with prices ranging from £178 to £210. Argos have them at the cheaper price at the moment. They come in a few colours and we opted for tango red. In my opinion, this is a really good car seat and Molly loves it too.


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  1. I was chuffed with the second hand Britax we picked up for the grandparents in the local paper today, but I love the sound of a swivelling car seat, I want one!!! Thanks for the reviews Vicki xx

  2. I bought one of these (for a bargain price from amazon, but the price has gone up again slightly since). I think it is top banana. Am thinking of writing a review of it myself. The swivel feature is definitely worth the extra cash my only complaint being that you have to pre-plan… the swivel function is most certainly not designed for use when you have a little one in your arms already.

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