I deserve a glass of wine today (and a gold star!)

October 30, 2009 at 8:54 pm | Posted in Birthday Parties | Leave a comment
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So, at 10am this morning I took over the hosting for a poorly friend, and put on a 2nd birthday party for the bears little friend HJ.

We raced the buggy to the shops (in Chung Shi trainers, I am obsessed with them!) and got birthday banners, balloons and other party bits.  We dashed back and the bear very considerately obliged with a two hour power nap while I made muffins (the apple crumble earlier this week may have been a success but as a rule my cake baking skills would make Delia cringe) – so, they looked a little flat but I felt the Halloween cases compensated for that.

Birthday Halloween apple muffins

During that two hour nap I baked two loads of muffins, wrapped a present, wrote a card, hung two banners, blew up balloons, scattered streamers, set the table and hid sweets for a treasure hunt.

The bear woke with an hour to spare, and just enough time for us both to sit down and have lunch.  Spooky spider slippers on and just tying on the Dracula cape as the door bell rang, I felt like I’d got my car park ticket in just before it ticked over onto the next hour (my life isn’t dull, I promise it’s just the comparison that sprang to mind, and it’s extortionate to park in Oxford!).


We had a brilliant afternoon – ALOT of cake got eaten as we were fewer in numbers than expected due to winter lurgies and very heavily pregnant mummies (one due tomorrow and one in a week!).  The bear gorged on the sweet stuff for the first time – I decided he could have a break from the total crisp, chocolate, cake and sweet exclusion zone that our house usually is.


So, I am sitting peacefully now, wine in hand, the bear in bed and patiently waiting for Mr Dad to come home – I am ravenous – I’ve definitely worked up an appetite today!


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