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From Lisa our pregnant panel mum…

A few Sunday’s ago I decided that I would not let my cold get the better of me so I dragged myself and my growing bump over to Earl’s Court to have a ‘sniffle’ at what the Baby Show had in store for us. 


I’m just four weeks off throwing my baby shower so perfect timing – shame I forgot to bring mum to drop in a few hints for Christmas pressies.  Nethertheless I strolled on through the maze of colourful stands doning just about anything baby related. 

From magic nappies, handcrafted bibs, stylish slings, organic baby grows and funky gadgets to the latest in cots and swish buggies even specialists in baby language I kid you not!

The Baby Show is what it says on the tin – the UK’s largest parenting event – with over 300 exhibitors under one roof how could I not expect to be – well – baby bewildered if Im honest with you. If this didn’t give me nappy brains as they call them, nothing else will.  My intention was to have a browse at a few products that had caught my eye recently including  those very first important yet challenging purchases as a mum to be like choosing a suitable stroller.

From push..chair to shove – As I meandered the aisles of the cot and pram stands, the Stokke Sleepi catches my eye.  This designer cot  turns into just about everything – ‘Impressive’ but these days that expression comes with a hefty price tag as do all Stokke products.  The sales guy manages to lure me into a sales spiel on the Stokke Xplory.  In case you havent heard of it – it’s the stroller which looks more like something from the set of Star Wars – but remarkable in what it can do. I must say that after 15 minutes of  ‘rotating’ and ‘innovating’ I was almost sold.   Not my cup of tea if Im honest I see myself pushing a Cosatto and I managed to fall in love with the cute brown Cabi 3 in 1 Combi ‘Walk in the Park’.  Must make a note to hint that to the OH.

As I continued to wonder wide-eyed in between a sea of prams and bumps there seemed to be so much to touch, smell and buy that I could barely contain myself.

Along my little adventure I managed to find a few useful things like Raspberry Leaf Tea.  You can only drink it in large quantities i.e. 6 cups a day once you are 37 weeks in.  Apparently its supposed to help ease  you into labour if you are a tad late. I will let you know.

Yummy tummy – The first thing on my shopping list was a Yummy Mummy  Tummy – a lycra band which fits neatly around your bump and which you can sport from early pregnancy to post-pregnancy.  It not only covers your tum up allowing you to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes for longer but it also keeps loose maternity pants up (something I had issues with) and discreet tummy cover whilst breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Butterflies – On the subject of breastfeeding, I found who introduced me to the breastfeeding butterfly. Unlike other scarves I’ve seen out there this one generously ties to the one shoulder so that you have less pressure around your neck and it also covers the back and tummy area nicely.  It’s available in various patterns and colours.

And…Stretch – Another thing I discovered recently is perineum oil, apparently if you massage this stuff  into your perineum area (that’s down below) you have less chance of tearing during the birth.  Obviously I couldnt test this on the stand but I was nevertheless impressed at the gorgeous packaging and smells coming from the  selection of beauty products on display on the Boo Boo stand including their perineum oil.  A nice idea for baby shower gifts.

Say hello to the world – With baby arriving in no less than 10 weeks now (if he lands us on my due date that is) I have been thinking about birth announcements. Jane Press creates some gorgeous little prints for you to send out after the birth, all you need to do is provide details and picture.  Although I am very creative myself Im sure I will be far too busy to be gluing and writing birthing announcement cards to send out to my loved ones after I give birth.

If I’ve learnt something from my little baby show adventure it’s that shopping for a buggy these days is like buying a car.  There is talk of wheels, manoeuvrability and I wouldnt be surprised if there was finance available for buggies out there.  Exploring all the baby products not only allowed me to make my first few steps into ‘nappy land’ but it made me realise that despite all the consumer pressure modern-day mums have to face whether its choosing the make and model of your stroller to picking out a brand of nappies it has eased me into motherhood something I feel is going to be a truly wonderful experience.

Lisa Ronchetti –  pregnant mum


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