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November 5, 2009 at 12:25 am | Posted in Days Out, General Advice | Leave a comment
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Just a quick post tonight as my bed is really calling, but just wanted to give a quick mention to the brilliant day out we had with my cousins in London on Sunday (despite slight fuzzy head following Halloween party the night before).

We hit the M40 at the peak of the torrential rain storm so not an easy start to the day, but the bear slept most of the way, waking just as we hit inner London and HAD (I mean HAD) to listen to the politely irritating Sat Nav lady.

So, we missed a crucial left turn, but after a little side street ducking and diving we arrived safe and sound.

Rather than going into a big long uber happy waffle about the day out we had (I hadn’t realised, but with both me and Mr Dad working a fair bit, maybe family days out are few and far between…), here is a little list of the proud mummy moments I know other mummy  readers will be able to relate to…

Lunch time, grape entree

The restaurant you eat out lays out plastic cutlery, plate and bowl and your toddler sits happily at the table for two hours.

Clap hands

You get a full rendition of tricks including perfect clap hands, wave, kisses and various other funny expressions (a rare and cherished moment, how easy we are to please).

Aah doggie

You wipe away a tear of laughter when your child descends on an innocent stranger and starts hugging their slightly shaken puppy dog.

Autumn fun

You introduce your children to the Autumn leaves, and at the same time wonder if they could model in the Autumn/Winter Next catalogue!

Higher, higher

You marvel that they have no fear…


Or just most of the time…

Sleep has me, can’t type anymore.  Night night.


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