The Dad Bag (well how much moaning do you hear about the Pink Lining change bag?!)

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The first post from Mr Dad…

 Dad Bag

Well who said that having kids means you’re not bothered about image anymore?  I just recently had my tenth 21st Birthday and can honestly say I’m still as interested in trend and looking good as when I had my first one.

Having a kid shouldn’t mean that you have to sacrifice this but it does mean that you have to maybe compromise on some things (certainly not buying Armani or Versace stuff anymore and wearing a lot more Primark pants now too). One thing is that whatever you do have needs to be functional and often multipurpose.

I recently had the good fortune to be able to try out the day bag pictured (finally something that a man can carry around and not have to look effeminate). Lets be honest although the roles of Mum and Dad are becoming less rigid and a little more blurred these days I would still say that baby products are very much geared towards the mums with lots of feminine touches and cute cuddly animal pictures and colours.

However Baby Soleil have siezed on a niche in the market because more and more dads are taking an active role in the upbringing and nurture of their children which normally means that they can be seen carrying or wearing said frilly or cute items.

Lets get down to business. The bag itself is very functional, having lots of easy access compartments and plenty of room to fit your little ones things in and also some of yours too. It even has a plastic compartment to put wipes in. We all now how quickly you need them and how hard they are to get out of the packaging. Its also hard wearing.

It combines this with the fact that regardless of its purpose, as a man you would be happy to carry it around as a fashion bag anyway!!!! I took it with me on a recent trip to London with the bear and can honestly say I got lots of looks and some positive comments…nothing to do with the puppy dog eyes from my son, honest.  This makes it a double winner in my eyes so if you mums are looking for a present for the dads to that they would be happy to carry around I couldn’t think of anything better!!

The Dad Bag was kindly sent to us by Baby Soleil.  We stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only promote products that we truly, truly love.


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