Am I remembering that right?!

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I’ve just been writing my second blog post for my local newspaper, about life with a newborn, and it struck me how we remember some things differently, or we describe them differently for the benefit of others.

Mummy and the bear

Life with a newborn, from the outside in.

I zoomed through writing it, determined to get it finished while the bear has his afternoon nap.  He’s still asleep, so here I am on blog number two and I’m pondering my memories of life with a tiny baby…

I spent my first week telling people how lovely it was to have such a good reason not to leave in the house, and spend the day in my jimmies.  In reality, the moment I knew we had a visitor coming round I was in the shower, baby in bouncer in the bathroom with me, I swished over surfaces with a duster, put a full face of makeup on and shoehorned myself into a two sizes too small pair of jeans.

So determined to give off the in control, on top of it, natural earth mother type vibes, I continued to approach everything like this.

I diligently made thank you cards, with little pictures of our newborn son on the front, and wrote out the notes from my carefully recorded list of presents we’d received.  Meanwhile husband lay on the sofa with baby sleeping peacefully on his chest, watching 13 going on 30 or something similar that I’d chosen and had looked forward to watching.

Next time, I will be buying a bumper pack of cards and will just be writing thank you for the gift in each one.  Hopefully you get less gifts for the second baby as people are now bored by the fact that you can have children, then I can watch trashy movies instead.

Finally, the cooking thing, what’s that all about?!  I’m 100% positive that I recall telling people that I’d been living on pizza and Chinese takeaway because ‘you just don’t have the time to cook’.  The truth was that my mother had kindly given us a number of home-made meals to freeze, and I had developed an unhealthy obsession for making everything from scratch.  If it came from a packet it simply wasn’t good enough for a new family  Queue homemade everything – soups, stocks, sauces, the lot.  I also cringe when I recall throwing drop scones into the frying pan at an alarming rate ready to take for brunch at a friends while the bear sat patiently in his car seat ready to leave.  Why do we do it?!

So I remember life with a newborn fondly, and can now laugh at some of the ridiculous lengths I went to in order to carve out what I thought life as a new mum looked like.

When we decide that the time for number two is right, I will be taking it in my stride a little more.  I may even go to the shops in my pyjamas, and have pizza for breakfast – and lunch…and dinner.


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