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November 21, 2009 at 10:37 pm | Posted in Christmas, General Advice | 5 Comments
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In the run up to Christmas I’ve been stressing about capturing all of the festive family fun (family politics, sprout ball (another story), and the obligatory opening of random presents from elderly relatives).

When you have children you don’t want to miss a moment; and there’s the chance of creating something worthy of Harry Hill’s TV Burp.

We’ve been lucky enough to test out the Flip Video camera, and it’s awesome.  You know what it’s like, they say a three year old could use it, which means a highly trained, abnormally clever, Mensa member of a three year old could use it, but actually a three year old could use this.  My eight year old niece picked it up and started making a film like it was as simple as hosting a Bratz tea party.

Note to self though – simple technology never negates the need to read the instructions.  I had packed it up to return it after the loan and then realised on visiting the website that the camera has an inbuilt editing program that you can install.  If I wasn’t impressed before, I certainly-diddly am now.  Although a little eggy with myself for not realising this sooner, despite being told in email from company (must read things more carefully).

So, I created this video of my little man using Windows Movie Maker, because I’m a dumbo and moved my clips from the camera to my laptop before realising about the inbuilt software, duh.  However, I just had a look at the FlipShare software and it’s so easy to use, wish I’d read the damn booklet. I don’t think you can add titles throughout the clips like this, but it’s pretty similar.

Enjoy, the important baby phone call…(click on the image to see video)

So, if you’re looking for the perfect easy to use video camera, this is it.  Think Christmas dinner, granny can have a go, the kids can, anyone who can point and press can make a movie, simples.  Have fun, it’s flippin’ cool!!

The Flip Video Camera was kindly loaned to us by Flip Video.  We stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only promote products that we truly, truly love.  We are also sending toys on to our local children’s centre.



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  1. very cute. But I’m a little confused – is this different to a normal video camera. Or just a very simple model?
    I love that name (Noah) too 🙂

    • It’s just really simple, and compact – you literally switch it on, and press record. It records up to two hours, then you flip out the usb connection, plug it into your PC and upload the clips into the built in editing program.
      It’s fab, so easy to use, and pretty reasonable price – £130 I think xx

  2. Genius. What a little sweetheart! Think there’ll be plenty girls ringing him in the future!

  3. Flip Mino Hd has great ipod design,simple to use, no fuss approach ,
    fun to use,great for kids to use, fits into a pocket.

  4. Great review – thanks for the tips x

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