Babymel tool pouch changing bag – a review

November 24, 2009 at 9:58 pm | Posted in Days Out, General Advice | 1 Comment
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A review from Molly’s Mum….Vicki

So I got to check out this cool bag. I was delighted given that I had vowed to change my old bag for the last 9 months. And yes it was the free one from Boots that everyone seemed to have hence why I had a need to get something different. 

Well, I didn’t get a first look in with this bag, Molly’s Dad spied it when I was poorly and he has been a huge fan ever since. It fit the criteria for a ‘Dad Bag’. It wasnt pink, and had lots of zips and side pockets. Great!  When I finally got round to using it I liked it too.

It has a good design and surprisingly spacious for a small bag.  We had room to fit inside a couple of nappies, travel baby wipes, snacks, her book for nursery and a spare set of clothes. (We did take the baby change mat out on occasion where we needed the spare clothes?!?)

On the outside there was room for her beakers and bottles.  It has actually helped me to travel light, and I have discovered that most of the things I carry in a changing bag werent really necessary. (I found a pack of batteries whilst clearing out my old one….very bizarre)

I would recommend this bag, it now goes along with Molly to nursery everytime she goes. It is ideal for short trips out and for those times you dont really need to carry that huge bag weighing about 5 stone. Available online from Babymel for a bargain £22.50.

The Babymel change bag was kindly loaned to us by Babymel.  We stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only promote products that we truly, truly love. 


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