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November 25, 2009 at 8:49 pm | Posted in Christmas, General Advice | 3 Comments
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To quash my worries about missing out on capturing those special festive family moments, we’ve been looking for a new camera.  Really, I need to get over myself and just get on with enjoying time with my family, but an unruly obsession descends on you once you become a parent doesn’t it?  Bringing with it the overwhelming need to capture each and every special moment on film (or video!)

So, we’ve been really lucky to borrow and test out the Olympus E-620.  I’m not really a technical person so I’m afraid I can’t go into the specific qualities of the zoom, aperture, resolution la la la.  However, I can say that it’s a very, very nice camera.

After a little practice and lens twiddling, I got THE nicest picture of the bear.

I have a little click and go camera at the moment, which at the time of purchasing I thought was all singing all dancing, but I really struggle to capture those really lovely, emotional shots.  I truly want to be a natural with a camera, like my dad, or my cousin, but I aint.  And any parent knows that it’s virtually impossible to set up a nice shot with a baby.  They don’t keep still, they don’t pose, and they definitely don’t smile on demand.

So, being able to capture that special moment is really hard without a decent camera that eliminates shake, adds just the right amount of flash, and gives that lovely blurry effect to the background.

I decided to get some expert tips ready for Crimbo, determined to add the most impressive of holiday albums to Facebook (competitive, moi?!), so with a little bit of the following from Snappy Snaps, I set to work.

1. It’s all about the setting the scene, seasonal outfits, pictures by the tree, unwrapping gifts have your camera at the ready (ready being the operative word, you never get a baby in a Santa hat for more than 20 seconds!).

2. Pictures of props make great intro shots for Photo Books and Albums. And nothing says Christmas like close-ups of decorations or the Christmas tree in its full glory.

3. Make it a family occasion with a group shot, it’s worth organising everyone together for a family shot by the tree, around the table or outside before the after dinner walk.

4. If you’re having trouble taking good night time pictures it could be your flash. Try turning it off and raising your ISO to 400 or 800 and slowing down your shutter speed.
5. Avoid blurry photos by steadying your camera with a tripod, table, rolled up jumper or beanbag.

6. Your camera might have night mode built in. Sometimes this will create a great effect.

7. Shooting from different angles is fun and creates unique and artistic shots. Don’t be afraid to experiment, its Christmas.

I tend to get a little carried away with the close up arty shots….

Anyway, the Olympus camera we borrowed was really easy to set up and use.  It’s a much bigger camera than I’m used to but the case made it easy to take out and about and I secretly felt like a bit of a pro…and like changing career to be a pap!  Look out Katie Price.

Check out the Olympus for the perfect family camera, a little pricy at around £659.99 but well worth it as a special Christmas gift…have fun David Bailey’s…off to arrange a little pre Christmas fire side shoot….not really…Spooks is on!

 The Olympus camera was kindly loaned to us by Olympus.  We stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only promote products that we truly, truly love. 



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  1. Such a lovely photo!

  2. Ooh I do like that toy giraffe!

    • Thanks! The giraffe is Sophie, our sons new best friend – he’s never become attached to anything before this apart from a muslin square!

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